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1930's, 15 ft. Mystery Racer "Allez IV" (Kirk)


Not much is known about the history of this boat... but it was found recently in the Peterborough area.  This is an interesting, and obviously rare little vessel.  With a stepped hull construction, this little baby will undoubtedly fly!

A stepped hull's purpose is to ventilate the bottom of the hull to reduce the friction, causing the vessel to hydroplane across the surface of the water.  The combination of lift and the reduced friction with the stepped hull helps the boat go faster.  These racers are often built as lightly as possible; lesser the weight, faster the ride concept. But negatively, they tended not to last for great lengths of time, which is what makes the originality of this little boat quite unique.


Ken Kirk (193? Race Boat):

John - just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your total restoration of "Allez IV". She is a very unique and distinctive race boat and you have restored her to her maximum potential. I have great respect for your woodworking and finishing skills. Above all, I appreciated the open exchange of ideas and discussion of options and details during the restoration process. You made the process very enjoyable for me and the results are absolutely spectacular! Everyone who sees "Allez IV" is very impreseed!

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