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Brockville Aquatarium Museum
Mock Shepherd Stern
1000 Island Tourism Assoc. & the City of Brockville
We were commissioned to construct a mock Shepherd stern for 1000 Island Tourism Assoc. & the City of Brockville for Brockville's Aquatarium
Westmount Pharmacy
2 Passenger Wooden Carriage Restoration

A unique 2 passenger wooden carriage– a Peterborough landmark on display at Westmount Pharmacy. 

A truly unique piece!

Norwood District Secondary School
"Duke of Edinburgh" Program

 The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award “Young Canadians’ Challenge” is an exciting self-development Program available to all young people, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their country.


Norwood High School has students enrolled in the program who are at the “Skills” level of the award. John was approached to help them build a boat.


David & Lee Dobbin's Cedar Strip Canoe

This beautiful little canoe has been in Lee's family ever since she can remember.


Dave and Lee have asked John to restore her to her original glory so that they can proudly display it at their new home on Clear Lake

John Richardson's 2001, 15 ft Peterborough Runabout

The cedar decks of this beautiful little replica Peterborough Runabout were getting tired after 3 summers in the sun, so a few weeks "in the shop" in the spring of 2004 brought her back to her original vibrant state.


No job too small!

Allan and Nancy Whan's 1939, 32 ft 10 in Richardson Cruisabout– "Valhalla"

Valhalla's hull was getting tired looking, and chipped from years of handyman paint jobs. John and Al decided it was time to strip the hull to bare wood, and make her look refreshed! A propane torch was used to carefully remove and scrape off all the old paint, new cotton was packed and sealed where needed, before applying 3 coats of white Interlux Marine paint, and 2 coats of anti-foul bottom paint.

Goddard's Peterborough and (Lakefield)
Richardson Sailboat
Aquired from a family estate, a varnish and touch-up job were done in the winter of 2008
Dave and Lee Dobbin's 1958, 16 ft Peterborough Royal

In to the shop early July '07 to get a varnish 'face lift' before travelling to ACBS's Gravenhurst Show. New yellow caulking trim added.



                       Even the motor gets a new paint job!



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