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1966, 18 ft. Lakefield Richardson Aquacraft (Vasiga)


This boat was originally from Pigeon Lake, where she spent her first 10 years in a comfortable, safe boat-house. Purchased by the Vasigas in 1976, she was used for a couple of years at their cottage on Gold Lake before engine problems grounded her usage. Combined engine woes, along with damage to her hull (collision with a stump!), led the Vasigas to retire the boat 'temporarily' to a dry home under their elevated cottage. Turns out she spent over 20 years here, serving well as a counter for tools and tackle boxes!

During the summer of 2004 Dan Vasiga, now in British Columbia, decided that the 'someday boat restoration project' should happen. It was then that he contacted John, and started the ball rolling for his Dad, Mike, who took the tools off the bow, dragged the boat from under the cottage, and got the Aquacraft into the capable hands of John's Little Boat Shop for a complete restoration. Correspondence with pictorial and text descriptions between John and Dan kept the project ongoing throughout the winter of 2004, which netted beautiful results for a 2005 Spring launch. Now all that is needed to complete this amicable transaction is to someday meet Dan, and see this beautiful boat in action!


"We have seen a number of   classic wooden boats that John has restored. His work is meticulous and the results look like fine furniture on water.   We can't think of too many people who dedicate the time and attention to produce the extraordinary work that he does.   As a result, we are thrilled to have him restore our 1957 Shepherd and can't wait for it to be complete so that we can enjoy it at our cottage on Gold Lake."


(Email from July 2007: "Hi, and thanks for the beautiful boat! ... What a beauty! It certainly got a lot of attention from boater at the marina and many admiring looks on the way to the cottage. John and I are thrilled that the boat has been so beautifully restored - even better than new. This year marks its 50th birthday - 1957 to 2007. What a terrific way to celebrate this boat in Canadian boat making history. Thank you so much for doing such great work for us."

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