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1958, 15 1/2 ft. Peterborough Lakeside (Norman/ Hill)


This boat was built with the optional centre steering, and was originally used on Pigeon Lake with an 18 HP Evinrude. Restored during the winter of 2004 by John, and owner Brian, in anticipation of the summer Antique Boat Show in Peterborough, Ont


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The first task was stripping the boat and replacing rotting ribs

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John enjoying the Lakeside on Pigeon Lake

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Brian Norman (1958 Peterborough Lakeside): "For most of us, turning over our beloved watercraft to     a total stranger is a daunting leap of faith. But working with John on the restoration of our Peterborough Lakeside, I     can assure you that your boat, and your cheque book, are in capable hands.


John is skilled and enthusiatic about restoring these watercraft to their original (or better) glory using traditional and     newer technologies as needed."

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