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1939, 18 ft. Port Carling Boatworks Seabird "Loon" (Beatty)


This boat was originally owned by Fred Stubbs, and brought to Stony Lake's "Tarbox" Island in the late 60's/ early 70's. The Hauths bought the island in the late 70's, and although acquired the boat with the purchase of the island, they did not use it. The Beattys bought the Seabird in 1981 with her seized engine, and rough hull. Ed Skinner, Duke Marine in Port Carling, and Pal Engines of Orillia both contributed to the restoration in the early eighties, and it has been enjoyed by the Beattys at their cottage on Stony Lake each summer since. Pal Marine believes the (original) motor, a 57hp Buchanan, was built in 1937.
Sandy contacted John Hendren in the spring of 2003, and they took a trip up to Stony Lake to appraise the project while up in slings in the boathouse. John had some available time in the spring, and work commenced April 25/03. The boat was completely stripped of all hardware and an extensive sanding and preparation procedure was carried out. During this procedure John contacted Mayfair Chroming & Plating in Toronto, and had many of the chrome hardware pieces re-chromed. After a few weeks she had sparkling spar varnish, copper anti-foul bottom paint, new chrome, plus new linoleum on floor boards which were a spitting image of the original. One of Sandy's mandates was to keep everything as original as possible, and the finished product reflects and adheres to this vow.


 Sandy Beatty (1939 Port Carling Boatworks Seabird Loon): John's talents are truly demonstrated in   this refurbishing job. It was indeed a pleasure working with John on this project and having the continual dialogue.   Watching the progress was was not only fun, but fulfilling. I was very proud of the old girl at the Antique Boat Show   on Little Lake in Peterborough, July 2004.


Sincerely a project well done! Thanks, John!

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