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1957, 15 1/2 ft. Shepherd Junior (Petrosoniak)


This boat was built with the optional centre steering, and was originally used on Pigeon Lake with an 18 HP Evinrude. Restored during the winter of 2004 by John, aThe next Shepherd to be "in the shop"... work started on this little beauty over the winter of 2005/06. John and Mary Jane became mesmerized by the beauty of the wooden boats on display at the 2004 Peterborough Antique Boat Show at Little Lake. That fall, they spotted this Shepherd, sporting a for sale sign in her window along Highway 12. With a bit of consulting with John, and a plan for restoration, they were the new proud owners of this little runabout. She was wintered at a family's garage, and is now enjoying for a spot "in the shop."nd owner Brian, in anticipation of the summer Antique Boat Show in Peterborough, Ont


"We have seen a number of   classic wooden boats that John has restored. His work is meticulous and the results look like fine furniture on water.   We can't think of too many people who dedicate the time and attention to produce the extraordinary work that he does.   As a result, we are thrilled to have him restore our 1957 Shepherd and can't wait for it to be complete so that we can   enjoy it at our cottage on Gold Lake."


(Email from July 2007: "Hi, and thanks for the beautiful boat! ... What a beauty! It certainly got a lot of attention from boater at the marina and many admiring looks on the way to the cottage. John and I are thrilled that the boat has been so beautifully restored - even better than new. This year marks its 50th birthday - 1957 to 2007. What a terrific way to celebrate this boat in Canadian boat making history. Thank you so much for doing such great work for us."

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